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Love Notes – Imani Aieshah

A Lil' Love

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Social Media Love Snippets

  • Thank you for this live Facebook conversation today I just got back from my church women's Bible study this morning and I was already feeling empowered and I just feel even more empowered and even more supported on this journey of being a wife of being a mother and of being myself. Keep up the great work loving your videos and your wisdom

  • Hey Imani, I have been watching your videos and I love your feedback from questions and concerns.

  • Keep up those videos! I love them!

  • My God you are great at your job!

  • You've given me tools & things I can carry with me my entire life. Individually and into any relationship I have, whether it's romantic or just between my family and friends. For that, I cannot thank you enough!

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Their Words, Not Mine

  • I went to Coach Imani because I was having trouble not only accomplishing my goals but staying focused on them. I was apprehensive about using a Life Coach because I thought it was a form of therapy where I just had to talk to someone. What I found was I did have someone to talk to but also someone to keep me accountable for my goals. She was able to help me through scheduling issues and managing my long distance relationship while being in graduate school. One of the best thing I would suggest to anyone who is looking to utilize her services is to be honest about what you want out of your life and be excited about having a life coach who cares enough to help you make the necessary changes in your life. After every session, I was one step closer to becoming the stronger woman that I wanted to become. There were things in my past I didn’t realize were still impacting my life. Through coaching, I was able to overcome those things and appreciate the present. I have a positive outlook on my life and the things I want to do thanks to Imani. Because of our sessions and follow-ups, I can stay on track for the things I want to do and be proud of the person I am.

    M. Dee Boston, MA
  • My experience with Coach Imani went very well. Her "Welcome & Intake" packet explained everything in detail about the life coaching process. During our 6 sessions, she helped me develop strategies to get past blocks and move toward achieving my short and long term goals. Imani listened with a non-judgmental ear, making it easy to open up and share. She has the ability to understand and skillfully mirror what you share in a way that allows you to gain a better understanding of yourself. It is not therapy. I didn't have to tell her my life story; we stayed focused on my goals. If you would like encouragement and support to help you reach some of your life and relationship goals...........Coaching with Imani is for you!

    D. West Raleigh, NC
  • Talking to Coach Imani helped me realize that being in a long distance relationship is not only possible, but  also adventurous (although hard at times cause of the distance). I find new excitement in planning my visits and interactions with my mate by adding new flare and elements into the relationship. We now add things like destination dates, and I even surprised my boyfriend at home once and he was thrilled! I understand that a lot of my problems were based on my rigid "all or nothing" personality, causing me to put more strain on an already stressful situation and myself. Coach didn't just bridge the long distance relationship gap, she aided me in understanding the importance of the "me" in this situation and that the sharper we are as individuals the stronger we are as a unit. I highly recommend Coach Imani. Definitely going to use her one on one sessions in the future.

    A.M. Brooklyn, NY
  • Talking with Coach Imani about my relationship always helps me to get clarity on things that I haven't forced myself to consider. She outlines the tough questions and encourages you to face those answers that you normally wouldn't say out aloud because you are too afraid of the reality. Her advice helps me to move towards the things that I want out of my relationship and creating workable strategies to help me bring my inner voice out in expressing those wants. I truly appreciate her boldness and honesty during our chats.

    N.W. Brooklyn, NY
  • Receiving council from Imani has been instrumental in my thinking regarding relationship. Her strong intuition, kindness, and knowledge is apparent in her delivery and I would recommend her to anyone looking to better understand their partner and loved one. Imani has the ability to help you move forward into resolution while helping you honor the journey that brought you to where you are!

    Ladan M. Atlanta, GA

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