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have one foot in New York (the Bronx to be more specific) and one in the place I call home now, Atlanta, GA! And I’m ridiculously grateful to have created a business dedicated to helping couples overcome any physical distance in their relationship to find (and keep) the intimacy they truly yearn for.

I am a woman with eclectic interests!

You may find me singing a Roberta Flack song at a local open mic or reciting poetry at a neighborhood coffee shop, and I’ve got a few creative projects that make me smile and keep me hustling, including producing and writing for a webseries based on the life of an Adjunct.

Oh, and in my not-so-distant life, I was an English Instructor/Adjunct at two Georgia state schools (you’re checking for typos now aren’t you). Maybe this all makes you raise an eyebrow, but the truth is, I live more fully because I am hell-bent on enjoying my passions even if (at first glance) they seem unrelated. However, they are all me.

Everything I do, and everything I’ve done has led me here, now, to this place, to you.

All in All, I am a guide, an educator, and a professional communicator (no matter the medium). I am all-in for my family, and I feel blessed to be able to do work that helps sustain the very foundation of family: the couple.


efore I married him, my husband and I were in a long distance relationship for 2 years. I was attending graduate school in Atlanta, and he was in school in New York. It was a struggle; I definitely felt lonely sometimes and disagreements seemed to hit us hard at first.   There were times I questioned whether we’d even get through it. I just didn’t know HOW to make it work and view the distance as an asset instead of an excuse to just give up. But we were both willing to do what it took, so we got through it (and had some fun in the process).

Once the long distance had finally come to an end, our work schedules began to infect us with ships-that-pass-in-the-night syndrome. I was like, “Really?! This again?!” I thought we were done with this, but it seemed to follow us into the next phase of our relationship. However, I found that I could use those same long distance tools to keep us close when we were dealing with crazy busy work schedules too, and we have a stronger foundation because of it.

My story (amongst a few other things) has led me here to serve other busy couples so they can overcome the physical distance their schedules and outside obligations create and experience the joy they want in their relationships.

Now, make no mistake, I am not the relationship professional who paints her marriage with a broad and perfect brush. I believe in process and progress, and my own relationship sees a lot of both.

Yes, I educate and guide couples, but just because you’re a guide, it doesn’t mean you don’t get lost sometimes; and just because you’re a teacher, it doesn’t mean you still don’t have something to learn. I am always willing to find my way, and I’m open to what life and its trials can teach me (and I ask the same of my clients).

Basically, when you work with me, you get a human not a robot! A real woman who is ready to partner with you so you can laugh, love, and live passionately with the one you’ve chosen to be with.

If you’ve read this far, I’m flattered! Thank you so much! I’m humbled by your interest in getting to know little ol’ me, so I think you deserve to be let in on a few more nuggets only dedicated readers like yourself will see:

  • I enjoy long romantic walks to the refrigerator because I am an absolute foodie (and yes you can eat a plant-based diet and still be a raving foodie)! Oh, and yes, I eat a plant-based diet!
  • If you ask me to pick a movie, I’ll pick a comedy 99% of the time because laughing feels good and burns calories…win/win!
  • Though I love the thrill of spontaneity, I also love organizing and planning, this includes color-coding, label-making, post-it posting, and file “foldering” just to name a few!
  • I sang in choirs, choruses, glee clubs, and musical ensembles all the way through college, but now only seems to find time to belt out a tune in the shower or car. Still loving it!
  • I am a published poet.
  • I like the idea of working out more than the actual task itself, but I can’t help to move to good music, even if just for an audience of one (usually me in the mirror).
  • I never truly had a male best friend until I met my husband, proving to me that being “friends first” does not just mean having a friendship long before you become romantic partners; the two can happen simultaneously.

want to keep this communication thing going, so feel free to tell me about what’s going on with you. I do what I do on social media, but I spend way more time with my family than in “social media land”, so the best way for us to stay in touch is by becoming an Imani Aieshah Insider, where I share things you will only get via email, nowhere else. I hope we connect soon!

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