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Imani Aieshah

You keep the real stuff to yourself because you’re avoiding conflict. You don’t want to deal with the reaction.
But the real stuff, that’s where the connection lives.
That’s where the fulfillment is, on the other side of that “real stuff” you afraid to deal with.
That’s where the great sex is. Oh yes, I said it! You got married until “death do you part” and there are only so many positions and only so many types of lingerie. It all gets familiar at some point.

BUT that connection, that’s the lasting power.

So how do you get that back? How do you get the sexy, intimate marriage you crave?
Truth is you weren’t taught how to be in a marriage. Sure you got advice. You may have even had pre-marital counseling.
But when you’re standing in your house arguing over the trash not being taken out, how do you actually apply those that advice to your real everyday life?
Well, that’s where you & I come in. We get you to that how!

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